"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered."

Monday, April 12, 2010

What I learned at the Ragnarok 105

(or "What my mother never told me, but Tim and Charlie did")
1) Never, ever buy a new geared bike on Thursday after 12,000 + miles on a single speed and expect to race it on Saturday!  (although I did ride it for 39 miles on pavement on Thursday and Friday)

(Tim made it clear to me upon completing Chili . . . he was going to ride it as much as possible, to get used to it.   I guess there was a reason?)

It took 70+ miles of the Rag to remember how to ride . . .  it was kinda fun to play with those gears

2) Never, ever get caught out.  Pay attention to who the riders are, and what they are capable of.  Stay with the break!

(Charlie made this very clear in many strategy lectures.  I should have listened and paid closer attention (read: any attention).

3) Always follow Praman when he is riding a pugsley downhill.  It's kinda like motor pacing.  (I am quite certain those loud "bangs" you heard were actually Praman crossing the sound barrier.)

4) Never let Palmer sneak around at the finish as you slam on the brakes to avoid hitting the Harley rider who is paying absolutely no attention!  (well done Jim!)

Still . . . had a gas . . . can't wait for 2011!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I know it ain't Orange!

It's not Orange, and it has gears.
A big Thank You to our great LBS; "the Ski Hut" in Duluth, MN
A special thanks to:  Whitey, Lucky and Dean for making it happen.
As for O1, no worries:  I'll still be riding her!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Straight as a (F)Arrow

Friday:  2 April: 15:00 hrs    At Ski Hut, see (F)arrow's "new/old old/new" ride.  the Gravel Avenger

Friday: 2 April:  15:07 hrs  Take photo of said ride, send to (F)arrow

Saturday: 3 April  6:55 hrs  Meet (F)arrow at "the Church" with others

Saturday: 3 April 6:57 depart "the Church" in rain

Saturday: 3 April 8:45  Notice that (F)arrow is exceeding 30 mph on W Knife River      road

Saturday: 3 April 8:55  Coffee at Mocha Moose

Saturday: 3 April 9:15  (F)arrow leaves Mocha Moose, tells me I can catch him

Saturday: 3 April 9:17 Catch (F)arrow

Saturday: 3 April 9:18  Realize we are heading straight into a 30 - 35 mph headwind, with higher gusts.

Saturday: 3 April 9 9:18:01 Realize that if we do not work together we will likely spend nine days on the Scenic Hwy getting home.

Saturday: 3 April 9 9:19 Notice (F)arrow doing "the Funky Chicken"

Saturday: 3 April 9:19:  Realize that (F)arrow is wanting to "work together"

Saturday: 3 April 9:20 - 10:30  Realize that (F)arrow is no longer all over the road, and is indeed able to maintain a straight as an arrow line!

Saturday: 3 April 10:31  Meet Eki on road.  Hear Farrow say to Eki "I can't go back up with you but Rich WILL"

Saturday: 3 April 12:25  Home after 2.5+hrs into nearly straight on, gale force winds.

Monday: 5 April 15:07  Note that (F)arrow has unceremoniously stolen my photo for his own blog.

Monday: 5 April 15:07:02  Over it . . .