"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Leave me for dead . . .

These guys killed me today.  Spent most of the last 1/2 of the ride looking for my revolver.
Everytime I asked that they leave me for dead, they would slow a bit . . . let me catch my breath (still not quite possible) . . . then proceed to put the hammer down again.
Friends?  Yup . . .
Thanks Boys!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Six Silly Boys

Today six brave souls (read:  silly boys) appeared nearly simultaneously at
 "the Church" for a morning of high spirited riding.
I know, I know . . . it looks suspiciously like four . . . 
believe me . . . there were six!
Although this portion of Jean Duluth Rd from Zimmerman to Normanna Rd
beat up Mr Jim B . . . the rest of us paid for it as he sped down 
Howard Gnesen at a fast clip (graciously, he never exceeded 27mph). 
 It was fortunate for us all that Mr Jim J was there to reel him in.  
We do need to explain the course to him next time as he took a bit of a shortcut home (somehow this let him avoid that crazy hard hill on Howard Gnesen from Ridgeview to Kenwood Edison . . . I wonder if he knew that?)
I would suggest we all chip in and get him a road bike (instead of the full on
TT bike), but I fear he will be too fast.
Mr John H was feeling the effects of jet lag today,
I know he will be back on his game shortly.  That is good for us, since he cuts a wide swath through the wind.
In spite of the fog, we had a blast!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Not a bad turnout for 7:00 am on a cold, windy, misty morn in Duluth, MN
My friends plotting and conspiring how to spend my money at the Mocha Moose
Same friends enjoy the fruits of their careful planning!
Thanks to all of you for getting me home today
I needed the help

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back from the grave . . .

After more than four days of sitting, sleeping, coughing, hacking, freezing, spending inordinate amounts of time in the toilet and generally feeling sorry for myself . . .
 living and riding but vicariously though my friends 
(in particular one TIM EK)
I am back in the saddle!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a great ride it was!

Morning fog and cold.  Sick for two days, still that nagging cramp in my right calf.  Would anyone show at 7:00 AM this morning.  I sure hoped not, with the fog and wet roads I half expected to be the only brave soul . . . and without telling anyone my plan was to ride to the church and back home.
It was not to be!
Following me into the church parking lot was Ron.  No worries I thought, I can convince one guy to ride slow.  Then Joe shows . . . still I thought I had a chance . . . then out of the corner of my eye I see Russ . . . damn . . . there goes that plan.  With this many riders there is no way we will ride slow.
7:00 AM came and we were off.  It really wasn't as bad as I expected.
Within a couple of minutes I noticed Russ had dropped behind.  Nope, he saw Jim coming and went back for him.
As I look back, I see another lone rider coming after us.  As he nears, I realize it is Dan.  oh oh . . . now I know it will be game on.
Somehow we manage to ride the first 10 miles at a reasonable pace. As we climb that hill around the corner from Zimmerman to Lismore the pace accelerates.  Later I heard a couple of riders say that was the fastest they had ever ridden it.  No let up . . . Dan leads the way down Lismore leaving riders falling in his wake.
As we pass the McQaude road . . . another rider . . . Jack ... this now makes 7 crazy guys riding on a cold, foggy morning.  What's up with that, and just as perplezing, where is Farrow (I later learned he had a very important, justifiable prior commitment.  WELL DONE SOPHIE!!!)
Do to my advanced age (nah . . . let's blame it on being sick) . . . I realize I need a break and head back to pick up the dropped riders and bring them back to the group.
We regroup and ride together to Clover Valley.  Interestingly, a couple of riders ask about riding gravel!  
The ride to the Moose was reasonable, but gee . . . I really needed to stop.  After a couple small cups of coffee . . . about one thousand coughs . . . and just watching Dan eat that big home made roll . . . we are off.
We stay together for 6 miles.  On the hill Russ, Dan and I somehow accelerate past the others.  We ride together, rotating perfectly for 3 or 4 miles when I am dropped like a dirty shirt . . . my ticket punched . . .  by some old guy on a single speed and a young guy with animal stuff on his shorts . . .
Fortunately for me, Jim comes from behind and pulls me for a few miles . . . amazingly, I look up to see Dan alone . . . what has happened to Russ . . . it turns out he must have stopped, taken out the extra gear he had in his pocket and changed it, and simply rode away from all of us . . . that darn guy on the blue bike left all of us breathless . . . Either that or he was just plain the fastest.
Well Done Russ!
I struggled up the hill with Joe . . . went home and promptly fell asleep (after eating a very large pickle of course)
It was truly a great day . . .
Next time I must remember to bring my camera.