"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered."

Monday, March 29, 2010

to all the Doubting Thomas'

In a feeble attempt to avoid copyright violations:
from Lacrosse magazine:  January 2010
After an evening at the Twins, Eki thinks he may have enough "stuff" churning in his stomach to convert fruit directly into vinegar:
Hatcher thinks the whole idea somewhat disgusting and repulsive:
While our own J Buffington wonders: "Perhaps there is something to this?"
Laugh all you will Boys 
I relish the opportunity!
What we learned from this epic day:
1) There is a difference between a journalist and a photo journalist
2) After a somewhat a inauspicious mid portion, this is a route that can and should be repeated!  Well done Buffington
3) Nearly any derailleur problem can be repaired with a quick dunk in a water filled ditch.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Copyright violation?

I was duly informed last evening, by the holder of a PhD in journalism . . . that I am in likely violation of US copyright law.  Seems I may have misappropriated the lead photo on this very blog!  gasp . . . egads . . . what am I to do, change the photo?

Nah . . . I shall simply say "Thank You" to Michelle Hatcher for snapping the pic at the 2009 edition of "the Heck of the North."

With apologies offered, my head in my hands . . . I would like to present these photos from last weekend's 140 mile epic (fabulously routed by none other than Mr. Tim Ek)

 . . .  and by the way . . . does anyone know if there was ever a Hardee's in Two Harbors?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's All About the Coffee

13 March 2010

4:15 AM  wake, make coffee, drink entire pot
6:15 Leave home, ride "scenic route" to Billy Irvin
7:00 Arrive Billy Irvin, admire "Chili!"  (hot . . .), meet Eki
7:02  Leave Billy Irvin for 'easy ride' up shore
8:30 Arrive Mocha Moose, double espressos (with caffeine, no decaf for me
8:30 Watch Patti admire Chili, or perhaps admire Eki's 158 pound frame 
8:31 Patti offers Eki free coffee . . . he accepts
8:32 Wonder how Chili and coffee taste together?
10:00 Leave Eki; in moment of weakness, head back up shore into strong headwind
10:33 Arrive Brighton Beach drink more coffee  (THANKS for THAT!)
10:40 Leave Brighton Beach with Tim #2 and John H
10:40 - 12:00  Ride into headwind, fog, rain to Mocha Moose 

12:01 3rd and 4th double espresso (with caffeine)
1:00 Leave safety and warmth of coffee shop for "easy ride" home, with tailwind
1:07  Wonder why riding with the wind harder than into the wind on single speed?
                                                     2:00 Arrive Brighton Beach
                                                     2:15 Arrive Burrito Union . . . more                                                        coffee

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thanks Boys!

A big Thank You to all the boys today:  Tim, Charlie, Jeremy (aka Jason) and Dave (short time).

Were it not for these guys you would not be reading this because I'd still be out there somewhere.

In fact I needed so much help I think even the real Jason pulled me for awhile.

Good ol' Tim . . . pulled 60+% of the ride . . . we needed him.

(MG:  If you are readin' this . . . remember . . . Tim said "Do not believe a word Rich says . . ."   I love a good enigma . . . which one is it?)

Word of advice for Charlie:

The Patch goes over the hole . . .  Not the area next to it (I understand this is a complex concept).  I think Charlie may  hold the world record for number of tubes used in one stop (rumor is tube patching will soon be an Olympic sport)  This repair stop at the Mocha Moose at mile 26 made for tube #4.

Charlie learned his lesson well . . . for a mere 50 miles later:

Farrow was seen instructing our lead rider on the finer points of puncture repair (as if he does not have enough experience of his own)

Lessons of the Day
Gravel is good
I gotta get me some gears . . .
Charlie needs: tires, fenders, and glasses
It was indeed a great day . . .

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why Orange Anyway

I am asked often "Why Orange . . . why not chartruese or  turquoise?"
The reason is simple . . .  "Hendricks," and by extension I, am Dutch.
Note the prevalence of Orange in the flag of the Netherlands.
oops . . .  there isn't any.
It actually comes from the Principality of Orange (now in Southern France)
The Principality of Orange existed until the early 1700's, when it became complicated.
In 1851 France finally ceded and allowed the establishment of the Netherlands.
Coat of arms of Queen Beatrix, current ruler of the Netherlands.
What I find most interesting . . .
The word never really was "orange"
It was Oranje (from: William Van Oranje)
Words to "We Love Orange"
the Dutch National Football song:
Together we're strong.

Unity makes powerful.

How a small country can be great.
Isn't that beautiful?
Netherlands oh Netherlands.
You're the champion.
We love Orange.
Because of its deeds and its doings.
Later when the red-white-blue.
will be hoisted for us.
Then we're a big family.
With gold we're praised.
Netherlands oh Netherlands.
You're the champion.
We love Orange.
Because of its deeds and its doings.
From the stand sounds the Wilhelmus.
Now even more beautiful than before.
Oh, who doesn't let tears flow?
Netherlands oh Netherlands.
You're the champion.
We love Orange.
Because of its deeds and its doings.
We love Orange.

It's the true champion.