"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered."

Friday, July 30, 2010

Livin' the dream . . .

I knew after being hammered yesterday morning at 6:00 AM, and after being a nail yesterday evening at 6:00 PM, I needed an easy, happy ride
As I saw the boys marshaling, I knew it wouldn't happen
(that is the proper spelling by the way)
After recovering from an injury, I see Jymy B
I think this is him saying "Hello," but I'm not really sure, 
Russ is speaking in another strange language I don't understand
I can at least understand Tim
I quickly said "goodbye" to the boys and watched them ride off into the distance
I maintained a steady, luxurious pace as I turned off to the great unknown
I found a smiling totem
and spinning pinwheels
As I suspected, I was soon saying "hello" to the boys again
 go Jymy B!
and as I predicted, I was soon saying "goodbye" to the boys
The sign said "left," so I went that way
then right
I always wonder what buildings like this once were
even though there is no sign, why not?
So, while the boys were punishing each other, for me the day was a pleasant mix of old pavement, new pavement, gravel and single track.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Four long days in the saddle . . .

Sunday 18 July . . .
The day after a long effort at the Velo Duluth Split Rocks Tour
No one but Rich showed at Brighton Beach . . . so he rode alone to the Mocha Moose and beyond . . . 
No idea who these guys were . . . but they were fast!
You can't see them all here, but there were seven of them, almost ran me over as they went by.  On the other hand . . . they were only fast for five miles, then they were through!  

Monday 19 July 6:00 AM
What's up with Russ and Jim?
Showing up on a tandem?  look at the expression on the faces of Deb, Lisa and Jeff (thanks for coming Lisa!!) as they wonder in vain why two men would be on the same bike!
(If any of you DBD guys are reading this . . . 
these gals will make you hurt!)
In fact, note the expression on Russ and Jim as they cast 
their eyes downward in an apparent effort to apologize 
for their transgression . . . But they are happy riding it!

Monday 19 July 7:40 AM
Steve had the great idea to ride to Ely on day 1, 
and ride back the next day.
Three of us took him up on the challenge, and off we went.
Managed to make it all the way to the Mocha Moose without stopping,
where Kayla not only made us breakfast . . . but made it with love!
Another 30 miles up the road,  Mark has flat #1
Note how he convinces Steve to do most of the work . . .
As Darrell looks on patiently . . .
During a brief stop at "the White Pines" on Hwy 2
Mark wonders if he can sell this tree . . .
Only four cars total on Hwy 2 and Hwy 1!

Everybody is happy today!
We're in Ely before 3:00, some 100 miles later 
(130 miles for those of us taking the scenic route)
Hanging our hats at the Adventure Inn.  A really nice place,
great rates, super clean, great people!
Somehow I knew there would be beer involved as the boys relax . . .

Tuesday 20 July  10:20 AM
Yup, it rained . . .  no it rained a lot between Ely and Tower.
At this point we are not exactly having fun . . .
But, of course the sun came out and the temps rose 25 degrees
Now we're having fun . . . 
Funny . . . somehow we ended up here . . .
Where the boys ponder their beverage choice . . .
No surprise . . .
Which manages to fuel us all the way to
Mark's flat #2
Note how this time no one is helping Mark.  'bought time he learned!
After 110 hard earned miles on day 2, we're finished . . .
Thanks Steve for organizing this trip . . . well done!
Oh yeah . . .  that thing about Darrell's nuts
 . . . and FINALLY . . . an actual, unretouched photo of Mary
admitting the only way she and Steve can win . . . is if they
buy a custom carbon tandem!  
I think that is all the evidence required . . . go order it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where has Rich been?

For your info, I have been hard at work on another blog "Duluth Road Cyclists"
thus my apparent disregard for Riding Orange! 
Since today's post was all about "mis"adventure . . . here it is:

(ed. note:  When the blog writer was asked if it rained, 
he had but two words to say:  "Ask Noah . . .")
Yes Virgina . . . we had rain, lots of rain.
Had you joined us, you would have enjoyed 1 hour and 33 minutes 
of wonderful, dry riding.
At exactly 7:33 that changed.
Rain . . . wind . . . lightning . . . we had it all.
We also had 28+ mph ascents and 40+ mph descents during a downpour.
At one point I was wishing I had my
nose plugs to keep the water out.
We arrived at the Mocha Moose after over 70 miles of non-stop riding
Enjoyed a quick coffee and were gently scolded to "mop the floor next time"
To his credit, "the Man Who Can Not be Trusted" redeemed himself
as he allowed me to "fasten" myself to his wheel for most of the 91 miles.
Of course no ride in the rain can be without its drama:
(Steve's turn)
(Rich's turn)
Today's ride was A BLAST!  Fast, furious, fun and wet!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Endless gravel

Miles and miles and miles of endless gravel road to ride.  
800,000 acres of contiguous freehold land near Juniper, New Brunswick.
Yup, my job is a tough one . . . and you can still drink the water.